Audi TT


Probably the most common use of VAG-COM is the scanning and deletion errors that can memorize the switchboard of the car.
To view these errors can have access module to module manually : Go to " Select ". 
Choose the module to scan, for example, "01 - Engine"
Within this click " Fault Codes - 02 ")


 ... or make a self-scanning , in which he selects VAG-COM modules, and scans one after another in sequence.
Let's see how the auto-scan.
Once connected the VAG-COM tested the car and communication ( see post VAG-COM ), the screen click " Auto Scan ".

 On the next screen, the dropdown menu, select the model TT ( 8n - TT ).

VAG-COM scan will show what modules.

Click " Start "and start reading errors. When complete, we will see the results. 

 These results can save them in a text file, by selecting " Copy Results ". (We "copy results" and careful in doing "paste" into a blank text file).

If we had errors appeared, we could remove them by accessing the specific module : Go to "Select" .
Choose the module where the error, eg "01 - Engine" .
Within the module click the " Fault Codes - 02 ".