Audi TT


As indicated by the maintenance Audi Poly-V belt must be changed every 180,000 km, although many users make the change before, about 100,000 to 120,000 km.

The original belt is:

BELT POLY-V: 06A260849C



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To access the belt change, we must remove the protections of the left side of the engine (looking at the car in front).

From the direction of the liquid tank and the engine, look at the top of the belt and the tensioner that will overcome necesari, moving in front, in order to change the belt.

To do something the old belt and put the new need access to the bottom of the car, so we'll remove the protective plastic bottom, which once removed, see the bottom of the path of the belt.

Helped a fixed key that fits the tensioner and remove the belt destensarem old. Once removed from the old, we put the new (see the picture of belt route).

Once properly installed the new belt, tensioner again left in its original position, and you may be remounted protections upper and lower lid of the engine.

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